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The Polish landed gentry in the 20th century
Mapa: Number of estates in the counties of the Second Poland Republic, approx. 1930 (by P. Orzechowski).

A List of estates and their owners in the Second Poland Republic

Voivodeships and Counties, approx. 1930

Bialostockie Voivodeship

Kieleckie Voivodeship

Krakowskie Voivodeship

Lubelskie Voivodeship

Lwowskie Voivodeship

Lodzkie Voivodeship

Nowogrodzkie Voivodeship

Poleskie Voivodeship

Pomorskie Voivodeship

Poznanskie Voivodeship

Stanislawowskie Voivodeship

Slaskie Voivodeship

Tarnopolskie Voivodeship

Warszawskie Voivodeship

Wilenskie Voivodeship

Wolynskie Voivodeship