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The Polish landed gentry in the 20th century
Gombrowicz Family
Above: Gombrowicz siblings, ca. 1928, from left, Janusz Gombrowicz, his son Józef and his wife Franciszka Cichowska neé Kotkowski, Irena Gombrowicz, Aleksandra neé Pruszak and Jerzy Gombrowicz with his daughter Teresa, Witold Gombrowicz.

Gombrowicz Family

“At the beginning of the [twentieth] century, we were an uprooted family, our social status unclear, living between Lithuania and the Congress Kingdom of Poland, between the countryside and the industry, between the so-called ‘good society’ and the middle-class one. These are just the first ‘betweens’ which then continued to multiply until they almost become my place of residence, my true home.” [W. Gombrowicz, A Kind of Testament. Interviews with Dominique de Roux, 1969]

Coat of Arms: Kościesza

Coat of Arms: Kosciesza

Manor: Wsola, Radom County

Manor: Wsola,  Radom County

The Family Album

The GombrowiczFamily Album