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The Polish landed gentry in the 20th century
Kleniewski Family
Above: Maria and Jan Kleniewski with their children and grandchildren in front of their palace in Kluczkowice before World War I. In first row from left — Witold, Jan and Przemyslaw Kleniewski, first from left — Zofia Kleniewski of Zieleniewski, next to her — Maria Kleniewski. Sitting from right — Witold Illakowicz and Halina Illakowicz of Kleniewski.

Kleniewski Family

“A landlady is an owner of a larger or smaller property in the countryside. She is the mother and educator of the nation. She is a Polish woman who wants the moral and economic reconstruction of the Homeland. She is a worker who turns these ideas into action — be it by working hard the native soil, or by common efforts in the Union.” [From the December half-yearly General Meetings of the Landladies’ Union in Warsaw [in:] “Polish Landlady” 1926, No. 1]

Coat of Arms: Zagłoba


Manor: Kluczkowice, Puławy County

Kluczkowice, Pulawy County

The Family Album

Kleniewski Family Album