Europe in the Family
The Polish landed gentry in the 20th century
Pilecki Family
Above: Witold Pilecki with family and friends in front of his house in Sukurcze.

Pilecki Family

“His altruism and an immense sense of duty gave him an exceptional position. He was bursting with energy, which was obvious for everyone, even those who did not know him closely in reality […] These merits in connection with an absolute lack of prejudice against nationality, religion, or political orientation enabled him not only to build his network but also to unite it with other military organizations […] The same applied to political factions, which were subordinated do military command […].” [M. Patricelli, Volunteer. On cavalry master Pilecki, 2010]

Coat of Arms: Leliwa


Manor: Sukurcze, Lida County

Sukurcze, Lida County

The Family Album

Pilecki Family Album