Europe in the Family
The Polish landed gentry in the 20th century
Radziwill Family
Above: In front of palace in Nieborów, sitting from left, Józef Rzyszczewski, R. Przeździecki. Standing next to them — little Zeneida Zamoyski, Franciszek Zamoyski, little Staś and Ferdynand Radziwiłł, Maryla Zamoyski, Krzysztof Zamoyski, Krystyna Radziwiłł, Edmund Radziwiłł, Anna Radziwiłł.

Radziwiłł Family

“National socialism and communism are ideological directions that grew on the ground completely foreign to us, and therefore are foreign to our culture and our national psyche. There is therefore a danger that under their influence we may lose our own ideological face and depart from certain cardinal principles that have guided us in our thousand-year-long history, and on which the Polish culture is based.” [J. Radziwiłł, Some Remarks on Conservatism, 1938]

Coat of Arms: Trąby


Manor: Ołyka, Łuck County

Olyka, Luck County

The Family Album

Radziwill Family Album