Europe in the Family
The Polish landed gentry in the 20th century
Above: Lutosławski Family in Drozdowo, 1888. Standing from left — Wincenty, Stanisław, Marian, Jan. Sitting from left — Sofitina and Manita, Kazimierz, Franciszek, Józef, Paulina.

Lutosławski Family

“[…] Our energy does not belong exclusively to us, but first of all, to the country; in the same way the knowledge we gain, be it broad or small, is not our property but that of the people, and sharing it with the people with all one’s strength I consider to be my responsibility.” [F. Lutosławski, Notes from agricultural tours]

Coat of Arms: Jelita


Manor: Drozdowo, Łomża County

Lomza County

The Family Album

Lutoslawski Family Album