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The Polish landed gentry in the 20th century
Donimirski Family
Above: Sitting (from left) — Zygmunt Donimirski from Kożuszki, Wojciech Donimirski from Kożuszki, Irena Donimirska from Czernin, Ewa Donimirska from Czernin, Witold Donimirski from Czernin, Halina Donimirska from Kożuszki, Wanda Donimirska from Czernin, August Donimirski from Zajezierze. On the grass in foreground — Stanisław Donimirski from Czernin, Zygmunt Donimirski from Kożuszki. Standing in background (from left) — Olgierd Donimirski from Czernin, Bogumiła Donimirska from Czernin, Jerzy Donimirski from Kożuszki, Halina Donimirska from Czernin, Janusz Donimirski from Kożuszki.

Donimirski Family

“My parents [Witold and Wanda Donimirska] were brought up in the atmosphere of ‘Organic Work’ which was considered to be the one and only effective method of opposing Germanization conducted by the Prussian authorities. […] People were guided by the motto: ‘Today our only with the world relation — this tough but great word: obligation!’.” [H. Donimirska–Szyrmerowa, 2003]

Coat of Arms: Brochwicz


Manor: Czernin, Sztum County, outside II PR

Czernin, Sztum County, outside II PR

The Family Album

Donimirski Family Album